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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]Realize the Life You Want with Time and Energy to Spare!

Do you want …to have more time doing the fun stuff with family and friends?

…more vacations- short and extended? …long weekends – ALWAYS!

____________________________________-(YOU fill in the Blank)

Do you think you work best under pressure but regularly miss the mark?

Are there deadlines for goals that are not met so you don’t get the bonus,

paycheck, or client you really want? What’s the “REAL” cost to being Rushed, Stressed, Hurried and Worried?

When you think about how much work it takes to build your business, do you feel Exhausted and Overwhelmed?

Have Time Management books left no lasting results? Have you misplaced the joy and balance between work and your personal life?

Can you remember the last time you were “PRESENT” during “fun times”?

Not thinking or worrying about work when you were doing the “fun stuff”

knowing everything was taken care of?

Or being at work thinking you “SHOULD” be with the family or elsewhere?

How Much More Money Will You Make When You Master Time & Energy?

 What is it worth to you to master you psychology and have your life back?

This “Elite Tele-forum Series” will be held by conference call.

Participants are Professionals who want support, personal development and well being.

This Tele-forum will impact…

Your health, your relationships, your life that may feel like it’s passing you by, the feeling of being alivePlus Your attractiveness to your clients and no more missed opportunity!

You will learn everything you need to know to get control of your time! You will get MORE energy to clear the chaos and free up your time to live your BEST life!

This “Elite Tele-forum Series” is limited to an exclusive 16 for Participation purposes!

Tuesday’s from 7:30-9 p.m. EST on September 6, 13, & 27th, 2011

Your investment in yourself is a low introductory offer of $199 –

When you register with a friend you will pay only $149- (+taxes)

 At this price it will fill quickly, so call Tammy and Register NOW!

514-918-5476 or email at tammyrowland@bell.net

For more info and testimonials head over to the events page.

“I look forward to supporting you!”

TAMMY ROWLAND, Coach University CEG Graduate

Member of the International Coach Federation
Contact Tammy at 514-918-5476 or email tammyrowland@bell.net

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Today March 31st
is the last day you can register for the
LOW Introductory price of $199!
As of April 1st $249- for

Elite Group Coaching for Professionals

First of 4 sessions held ever second Thursday starts April 14th, 2011
from 1-3 p.m.

Issues you asked for support around;

Clarify your vision
Communicate your needs
Make decisions easier
Time management
Your life/work balance
Getting things done with less time and energy

I am excited to create this Elite Group for YOU

with tools that will increase your skills while mastering your psychology.

No more limiting beliefs! Only forward motion from now on!

Register today to participate in this unique Community of Professionals challenging and supporting each others growth.

You will have the opportunity to have
“Lazer coaching” during the bi-weekly program as well as
one 30 minute private telephone coaching session!

If you have never experienced
coaching before, this is an
amazing opportunity & a great DEAL!

To view full details please go to;

For any questions  or to register, please call Tammy at (514) 918 – 5476

Wishing you love and well being,
Tammy Rowland Coach
Life Shape Shifter for Professionals

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After my New Year’s blog on change, I am following up by launching a NEW Group Coaching event here in Montreal starting February 21, 2011. I am only offering this to 8 women as it is such an intimate yet powerful group. You will not want to miss this opportunity so register quickly!

Please go to  Upcoming Events to see all the information as well as testimonials from a few attendees from a previous group. Consistently they mentioned words like safe and fun to describe the environment felt in the group sessions. Self-awareness and growth are personal goals gained from each of my clients as they moved forward along their personal path.

Women have come together for generations doing such things as knitting circles or quilting bees, pot-luck meals or movie nights. The largest benefit has always been that feeling of connection and togetherness that holds us together in difficult times. In today’s world where the pace of society and technology has kept us more isolated than ever, this is a REAL chance to reconnect! Bring a friend; share this with someone you know who could really benefit from so “me time”. Someone who may be on “PAUSE” “STUCK” or just “BORED”.

Mid-life can be that moment of transition that allows for something different. It doesn’t mean down-hill or over the hill for that matter. It can truly be an exciting time for you!  Maybe the first half of your life was all about your spouse, parents or family. I am sure you are happy you did but NOW it’s YOUR time! Time to uncover something to be passionate about! Maybe you stuck your dreams on hold for your family and now they have flown the coop so you can finally pursue your dreams!

A renewed energy that can be spent in any direction YOU choose! A new business, political pursuits, social injustice, or something that makes you FEEL alive! Maybe you have a known or unknown talent that has been waiting for you to develop it now that you have the time! The group creates a space to find out “what” or sort out the “how”.

I enjoy being part of the group experience and share in each persons joy from the “AHA moments” that come about, knowing that they will respond differently in their lives  from that moment on. It is truly an opportunity for anyone who is interested in change with support of others in a similar place in their lives. Now is the time for you, and you deserve to take it! I look forward to hearing from you and supporting your forward motion.

For more information on group or one-on-one coaching, don’t hesitate to contact me through the email on the contact page.

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Participants in Diana Leafe Christian's "...

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]When we look at building our foundations, look around to who surrounds us. As we spend most of our time in our communities, it is important to know who shapes us quite possibly, more than ourselves. 

What does our community look like? Maybe friends, business associates and colleagues, your place of worship and neighbors are our closest connections. In my community I have writers, bloggers, neighbors, coaches,  a couple of groups devoted to personal growth as well as friends from many places I have lived or been connected because of some shared interest.  

Can you change your own personal community? Absolutely! You don’t have to move house to do this, either! If you have similar interests with a particular group and you are not hanging with them, why not? Can you see benefits to create a more intense knowledge of that interest? If there are no groups of that type in your area, could you connect over the internet or create one locally yourself?  

You can attract who you are ready for in your life. Who are you attracting right now? Your life is a response to your community so that community is vitally important to where you are going and who you are attracting. Sounds like a circle, but one worth participating in.  

When I wanted to learn more about writing, I joined a writing group that suited my schedule. I was part of that group for several years and became good friends with several of my writing cohorts, including the facilitator. I no longer go to that group as I have new interests, but I am still surrounded by people I chose that have similar interests in writing. I did not go out of my way to befriend these people to add to my circle of influence, but why couldn’t you? The end result is the same. It is good for all involved.  

People grow from connection and this connection can give each person an opportunity to create. Everyone involved gets something out of it. When each of us gives of ourselves, everyone has more – is more.!  

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] Week three begins! First I must confess that week #2 did not go quite as planned. I figured that I would be well into the book “a Purpose Driven Life” by now but alas, I am not. Not that I haven’t been reading it and other things, I am just not that into the book. I really believe in ones “Life Purpose” I have one myself after all! It’s just that there is lots of religious content and it is not my cuppa tea. For example the author quotes the bible on every page. The bible and his interpretations are not for me. I live a spiritual life and do have faith. I have no problems with whatever anyone’s beliefs are but I think it’s personal.

Once I realized that I was stumbling because of my chosen book, I moved onto a daily reader I enjoy.  I read about 5 of the 7 days and will continue. This is all good but I have found new habits are not as easy to add as I had hoped. Good suggestion to only add one at a time so they have time to sink in then I won’t give up because it wasn’t perfect! How did you do this week? You haven’t started, yet? That’s okay; you can start your week #1 now! You don’t need to wait for Monday!

 I have 2 habits well at hand so it is time for another one to be added. This one may sound easy at first but you have to know that I am a creature of habit. Not all good for me habits, but the ritualistic type that I am working on adding to. I am going to do a good deed every day without getting found out. It could be as simple as picking up the garbage blowing down the street from someone’s recycle box, to picking up some groceries for an aged neighbor. How can you be of service today?

This may be a bit of a challenge as I will be away all of next week but I am up for it. The “without anyone knowing about it” is about not feeding my ego. I cannot come home to tell my beloved how great I am because of what I did. This is not a true deed for the sake of giving. I want to be more conscious of giving. I know I do these kinds of things occasionally but not a habit. I cannot tell you how many times I could not be bothered to bend down and pick up garbage that was in my neighbor’s yard. It could have blown there from my recycle box! Now is the time to become aware of the things that fuel me.

I would love to hear what habits you do that energize you daily. Please leave a comment on how successful you are with yours. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]  I didn’t know what peace really meant. When I was young it meant a very small portion of something as there were eight of us to share and as kids our piece was always small. I figured out the difference as I grew up. As a teen it came in the saying “Peace, man”. There was “give peace a chance” that John Lennon said in the 60’s, from a bed holed up in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel with Yoko Ono in Montreal, Quebec.

I remember visions of the symbols worn by everyone around their neck on a thin strip of leather with the 3 lines connecting in the middle like a “y” within a circle. There was also the two finger expression held up to look like a bunny in a shadow but had nothing to do with furry little creatures. I knew this was about the war in Vietnam and why I had seen Americans holding placards in sit-ins on the news when I was young. They spoke of some who ran away to Canada so they would not be forced to fight against their will. These were principled people but some just called them cowards and traitors. I get that this world is still not a peaceful place, we can all work on that.

Today I am thinking about the peace one feels with not a worry in the world. I didn’t know this calm existed until I was in my forties. My mind was always so full and busy. Busy with worry, fear, plans, and the over-responsibility of my life from my home of origin. There were also the things to do as well as the things I had not done or done badly. Some of these were – poor choices, judgment, anger, resentment, bitterness, confusion and sadness. Even at times there were joy, fun and love however fleeting. I spent much of my time believing I was helping or fixing other peoples problems, instead of focusing on my own. I was only filling my mind with busy work and they generally never took my advice anyway. They may not have even asked, actually.

It took me years to recognize that the quiet in my mind is true peace. I was told that was what “peace of mind” was. When it first occurred in brief moments, it was a strange feeling. I am not all that sure that I liked it and it certainly made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Countless times over the years I tried to achieve this foreign state through meditation, to no avail. There was never room for the stillness peace needed. I had to give up a lot to get there.

Mostly I had to give up control. There was the control of the past, present and future as well as the control of other people, places and things. Past resentments and unhappiness needed to leave as well. This was not an easy feat, but well worth the effort. I had some help from others along the way to clear the wreckage of that past.

I had so much more room for me. This was a very scary thought and undertaking. Who was I? What did I want? How did I feel? There was room for new questions and the expanding space for the answers. With this came acceptance, of my past and present. The acceptance of other people and situations came easier. Acceptance of all of my choices, not judging them as good or bad, as I was where I needed to be at the time I made them. Most of the time I leave others to themselves unless asked, and they are all the better for it. Mind my own business, I say.

Serenity came when I no longer looked for it. Today I notice when I have lost it for brief moments in time, then crave to put things to rest quickly to be settled back into the peace of peace.

Today I live in peace more than not and don’t want for much else. Yes, a roof over my head and food in my belly, of course. Clothes on my back and shoes on my feet are necessary in the climate Canada gives freely. But without the peace I feel in my mind I would hardly notice the gifts in my life let alone appreciate and be grateful for all that I have. Peace of mind has given me an extra large piece of life to cherish, which has become a large part of who I am. I couldn’t be more grateful for peace than I am today.

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] They say that home is where the heart is. Who are ‘they” anyways? Well the heart of my home is the kitchen. Actually it is where I am sitting right now, on a stool at the counter with a cup of tea at my right, even though I am a lefty. I can’t stop writing and want my tea hot so there you have it.

When family and friends come over for a meal or to commiserate over a cup of tea, they tell me my home is warm and inviting. I hope it’s not the color of the paint on the walls or the comfort of some of my chairs. In fact one of my friends hates the stools in my kitchen and yet another loathes my antique dining chairs. They really are not comfortable at all! It may not even be the hot cuppa tea and bit of sweet offered upon arrival, although it must have something to do with it.

I think it may be the feeling one gets upon entering a home in a welcome way, typically with a big hug. Even our dog Max greets our guests gently and warmly. He waits for the call for attention than sits on their feet and stretches his neck upwards for a scratch. I am attentive and loving to those I have invited in. Even the people who are over to fix things get a warm and kind greeting. After all they were invited, too!

Warmth comes from more than a furnace. I am told that I seem most comfortable when I have invited others in rather that going out. It was noticeable 3 years back when I had a chest infection with complications that kept me at home and inactive for several months so all of my visiting was at home. I think I just love to host and bake brownies. I love to listen to my friends and to clients with a cup of tea in hand and an open heart.

Maybe some houses are just houses and some are homes. I’ve visited both and prefer the latter. Houses have a cold sterile feel to them. There is nothing out of place, not a spec of dust or stray hair in sight. Not that a home must be dusty or have the ability to knit a new dog with what rolls under the sofa, kinda like mine on some days. It must look and feel lived in. Yes that is exactly it. I usually have dishes in the drainer and a stack of papers needing attention on the counter beneath the kitchen TV.

The day’s news is on a table in the living room and a dog bed beside my favourite chair. The dog sleeps everywhere including his bed, but especially in the front vestibule. The blinds are always open during the day rain or shine to let the daylight in. The East facing living room window heats up the house July and August. The air conditioning runs all afternoon as the thermostat is close by so the rest of the house stays a full 10 degrees colder.

My kitchen stools are well worn from sitting and need recovery from our late cat, Winston who wasn’t as nimble with his jumping in his last year. The dog we had at the time was very playful and Winston did not want to play. It left the seats well scarred with pin holes and slashes as he was an outside cat (with claws) his whole 18 years. I have a mix of old and new furniture and some of the new looks old as well, so it all looks comfortable. Even our newer leather chairs have a bit of scratching on the seat from our first enthusiastic dog.

My husband hates tchotchkies (ornaments) so dusting is simple with not many articles to move, but still rarely happens unless company is coming. Even when we had friends over to can tomatoes in September I scanned and saw dust on the stereo and that was all that was dusted as it would be dark when they came in to eat so what was the point? I have a friend in Winnipeg that drew a heart in her husbands dresser dust and told him he couldn’t wipe away her message of love…I will have to try that.

When folks come into my humble abode, I hope they look past the dust and dog hair and keep their shoes on if their socks are white. We will head straight for the kitchen – where we’ll chat with a hot cuppa tea and something fresh from the oven. I will hope they feel what I know. My home is where my heart is, always.

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