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Man washing dishes

Man washing dishes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember the times when the teacher did roll call in class and the answer after your name was called was “present”? You were fairly present at the moment you heard your name. I don’t know about you, I was somewhere else for most of high school.

Today BEing present actually shows up by participating in the moment you are in, completely. Multi-tasking be damned, just doing one thing at a time and not wandering off in body or mind to another task, problem or issue. This is not always easy, but possible.

Are you willing to practice? Start with doing a mundane chore like the dishes or sweeping the floor. While you are doing it concentrate on the actual washing/sweeping. “Get the corners.” “Flip the dish and scrub that spot”. How long before you were thinking about dealing with the kids or heading out to do other chores or maybe even adding another task while you are doing this one, like calling a friend or checking your email?

Caught you! I knew it, lots of you are like me! HA! When I want to let go of the turmoil in my head or the dreaded to-do list, I start by thinking I just want to BE. My to-BE at the moment is just to wash the dishes and when other things filter in, I note it then clear my mind to the task at hand.

It is really incredibly relaxing to do only one thing at a time. Meditative even.When did we get so busy? Why do we think that if we are only done ONE thing we must be lazy or inefficient?

Life is short and we ALL need to slow down a bit and just BE. This IS the good life and “Life is too short to be anything but happy!”

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Have you ever put something off until later, and later never came?

Maybe you rationalized that it really could be done later, and then later becomes last minute.

Does procrastination seem like a destination?

A place you go when you don’t want to get something else done?

Have you turned procrastination into a science or event?

Each time you schedule in that “JOB” something “MORE IMPORTANT” must be done first.

When you put that “task” off do you feel justified somehow?

When you look back at the “deed” do you often feel like you were just being lazy?

Procrastination or laziness, which is it?

Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?

In the Wikipedia dictionary the meaning of these two words are this;

Laziness is disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is often used as a pejorative; related terms for a person seen to be lazy include couch potato and slacker.

Procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time… Procrastination may result in stress, a sense of guilt and crisis

Procrastination may come from different sources.

 Fear is huge including the fears of success or failure. There are many things that could sit in wait keeping you afraid to act so be open to feelings to be sure fear is not the culprit.

 Self doubt is another whopper.  The feeling that you can’t do it or won’t complete a project or time can keep us from ever starting. You may just have a sense that you just cannot!

 How about confusion? Are you not sure where to start or which way to go or any number of dilemmas of indecision that leave you confused?

Are you completely overwhelmed by the task or life? You may be overwhelmed by just what you are putting off or maybe you are putting everything off!  EVERYTHING IS JUST TOO MUCH! (Sorry for the yelling…)


The biggest issue I can have with procrastination is that it can cause other pain. The creation of stress and guilt that regularly follows may affect our health so the benefits of just doing it far outweigh putting it off. We don’t know that when we are avoiding the item, not consciously anyway. If we were truly conscious we would think the whole thing through and just “get ‘er done!” It is faster than all the mental gymnastics involved in plotting and planning another possible time to look at it and potentially put it off, again. I say we as I know I am not alone in this.

So how do we cut out that darn procrastination for good? I figure the easiest way is the direct way. Ask some pretty direct questions.

Why am I putting ‘IT’ off? Be honest here!

How does that feel? No really, how does that really feel inside?

What are the benefits for putting it off? Write down as many as possible.

What would be the down side for putting it off?  Make the list full!

How does that feel?

What would be the benefits for completing it NOW?

How will I feel if it was completed? Make a full list!

Remember a time when a task was completed that was being put off?

How did it feel?

This is a terrific start but is not a complete list by any means. A Life Coach would assist you in digging deep to get to the source but you really can do this for yourself, I know you can! You are worth the effort to get to the bottom of this once and for all! I know you are- I am in your corner. You may have someone else in your corner that you can go through these questions with or just pull out a journal and start writing. Who knows what cool awareness you will unearth?  If you are reading this blog I am guessing you are interested in growth so this exercise may give you a revelation – a starting point.

The way I see this is you are worth any effort that you can take to make your life what you want. Life is much too short to spend any of it doing things you do not want to. If your job is not something you love, than start planning to do something you would love doing. Maybe you need an attitude adjustment or a job adjustment. The time and effort you spend procrastinating can be spent researching what your life purpose is or if you already know it, bringing it to fruition. You deserve to live in joy! What can make you joyful today?

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]Eve has been struggling with her weight for years so it makes perfect sense that actually getting to the bottom if it all takes more than one week! Last week her defensiveness with the weigh in staff member came from her feelings about all this change. A way to stand up for herself, I suppose. It was not so surprising that the following week there was no criticism for what was in her food journal even though it wasn’t perfect.

Recently as Eve has been more attentive to her weight loss she hoped for some notice from others, like her mom who knew of her recent efforts. It had frustrated and actually hurt that her mom said nothing at all about it. This week while sitting over coffee her mom mentioned how terrific Eve looked and was sorry she hadn’t quite figured out how to say it before now. Even though Eve was grateful for the encouragement that mom had noticed, she realized that it was no longer important if others noticed, but more so what she herself thought and felt. Eve said, “I feel in control of my life again! I feel good!”

Where Eve felt neglected by a good friend in the recent past, she found out it was not about her but her friend had been going through something and was now ready to talk to her about it. These things confirmed to Eve that it is not always about her but that maybe she just has gotten lonely and missed her friends company.  

Why are these things all different today?

 I just feel better about myself and don’t need others to fill a void I once felt I had.

The biggest change to be revealed! Eve’s entire life she has never mentioned her weight…to ANYONE! The joke in her family was that if they wanted to know how much she weighed they would have to do it upon her death, but not before. There was a moment this week – let’s say an opportunity for her to be completely honest.

Eve and her beloved were sitting with friends over coffee (lots of coffee dates this week!) and for some reason that never happened before someone asked about her weight. He was most concerned about his daughter’s health and had noticed her steady weight loss. It happened like this.

Eve, do you weight about 140 pounds?

No, actually 145!

She saw her husband’s brow lift and thought he was going to fall off his chair.

I asked her how she felt about saying it out loud.

“Who cares accept yourself and who are you fooling except yourself. He was shocked that I said my weight, but didn’t care about the number. He said that he doesn’t, never did and never will ever care about how much I weigh and that I have to deal with it. I thought it was a big deal and it wasn’t. I could hardly wait to tell you!”

“I have had tough things to deal with and I am more aware of my reactions to them. Worry has been an issue for me forever about my kids when they were young and now that they are adults as well as my husband’s work. Today I am better equipped to deal with worry and am handling it better…whichever way the wind blows. I am better at shaking myself out of bad or heavy thoughts. I have become amazing at ‘you may be right!’ I ask myself ‘How important is it for me to be right?’ Who really cares anyway?”

“Honesty really has removed my defensiveness and need to be right!” This is a great way to end today and I know that Eve has more growth in front of her, but the big stuff for now is behind her and the real work is staying on top of it until it becomes just who she is. If any of these issues that Eve has gone through sound familiar to you, a coach may be of assistance to you. Drop me a line and let me know what you think and how honest are you with yourself today?

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]After being honest with me last week about her REAL “closet eating” issues, today we find out how she worked through her week with food.

The first thing Eve told me was that she wrote down everything, not leaving one morsel out! As she has been weighing is at a weight loss clinic for several months, she went in with all of it in hand. Eve had a day where she needed a fix and ate a box of chocolates and wrote it down as well.  The woman on the other side of the counter was quite critical about what her week. Eve went on to describe the woman as not so perfect herself and somewhat pushy, cocky and arrogant.

I asked if the woman may have been reacting to her defensiveness about what she had done. Quite possibly she said, as they had always been kind in the past. It had been uncomfortable to show her actions on paper to someone else which made her feel like she had to defend herself. Calming down she was able to mention her commitment to herself and felt more power and on another occasion had only a sliver of pie with no desire to sneak more. The sign on her fridge door was a constant reminder that it was “Just for Today” she needed to stay focused on with food.

Had she any new thoughts this week as she moved along her path to being honest with herself? Eve mentioned that she had been a pleaser all her life and worked very hard to make others happy. Now she realized that she is a good person, and needs to make her priority her own happiness. The sign that she was “good enough” last week was a great reminder as well. Eve says she walks a little prouder and everything she does is important, not menial. Everyone’s job is equally important.

Life is “ever interesting” with her spouse and the job decisions up in the air right now. Eve is now realizing that this time in her life is serving a purpose for her. When her spouse has made good decisions in the past, she usually says “I hate it when you’re right!” A great phrase to practice instead of saying you are wrong (as he never believes that he is and she is right sometime too) could be “You may be right.” There is no defensiveness or criticism in this statement. Eve loved this and could hardly wait to use it.

How has being honest with yourself this week changed how you feel about yourself?

“More relaxed and definitely more empowered! It is surprisingly less work than hiding things. I feel more in control and definitely prouder of myself even when I am not perfect.”

 How is not being perfect changing your life?

“It seems less important that it used to be. It was always the barometer of where I needed to be.”

What will you do this week to commit to this honest path of yours?

“To continue to be honest with myself and write down what I am eating no matter what it is.”

 Come back next week to see Eve honestly on her way to the bottom of it all!

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] There is this guy who walks his dog daily and meets all kinds of people doing the same. It is generally a good experience but not always. Not all dogs like each other, sort of like people. They can be aggressive, controlling, angry, frustrated and afraid as well. There are also the timid, calm, quiet submissive types as well as the happy ones,  but don’t push them around as they will not put up with it. Together they have greeted many dogs and most but not all have been good experiences.

One day a dog came from an open door of a home at full charge causing great concern that both he and his dog were under attack. This wasn’t their first contact, the last time they met this dog he was quite aggressive. Dogs can be wary of other dogs but even if they are- don’t usually charge. Spend some time in a dog park and you get to see all kinds of greetings, this dog was out to be boss and there was no way to know in advance how this was to turn out!

The guy walking his dog kicked the charging dog as he was all over his own dog. The dog was not hurt and came at the dog again so he kicked a second time afraid his dog would get hurt. This was absolutely a reaction from fear.  Was it uncalled for or an over-reaction, only someone in the exact situation could possibly know, but ultimately he felt awful. This is not who he is or what he does. The other dog owner finally got his dog off and into the house and both dogs were  okay.

The owner of the charger came out yelling and screaming. This was a neighbor and the last thing you want between neighbors is this kind of issue. He apologized several times for kicking the dog, but he really felt under attack. The charging dog’s owner thought this was a perfectly normal greeting for dogs so would not accept his apology. You never hear an owner whose dog attacked someone say, “I knew that would happen!” No, it’s always”he has never hurt another dog or human before!”

There had never been anything but a friendly greeting between him and his neighbor and had only just seen him not five minutes prior and said hello to him in his car. This was not good at all. The neighbor yelled, walked away, and then came back a couple of times to harass this guy who is now questioning his reaction.

Here is his issue.   Second guessing himself and always thinking that he did not only do something wrong and make a mistake, he “should have done it right!”  Is it possible to be right all the time I ask? No but it is because I am not doing something right. Do you think it is possible to be right all the time?  Of course not but I shouldn’t have reacted that way. How would you have done it differently? There was a pause before he answered – probably not. What do you wish were different? The other guys reaction or even if he kept his door closed so I wouldn’t have felt the need to protect myself.

So there was nothing you could have done differently, only the other guy? Yes, I did all I could and he probably would have done the same thing in my situation. The only other thing I could have done was drop my dogs leash so he could have protected himself but it could have gotten much worse and one or both dogs could have been hurt. Okay so you could not have had control over the other person or his dog? No, I could not. So is there anything else you could do? No, just wait and hopefully it will blow over and he will let this go.

People live from their perception. Both this guy and his neighbor have a different perception of the event. It was present based but not inclusive, neither believed the same thing or that the reactions from each other to the event were warranted. The dog walker could see things through the other guys eyes to some extent, he would not want someone to kick his dog either. He felt that if his dog was charging someone else he would have done anything including a kick if that is what it takes to stop the attack. Will the other guy see the opposite viewpoint, unlikely unless a cooler head prevails if ever.

Sometimes we can take a step back to see things from a different angle and get more understanding. Things may not be as they seem, as often there is information you do not know or see or understand or agree with given your own set of values and standards. Does this mean that you need to drop these to get what’s going on? Maybe only long enough to see through their eyes so you may be able to let it go. Our standards maybe high, but if they are so high that we feel bad about every mistake made, believing we “should have known or done something perfect” we may need assistance to get perspective on them. We will be working on “perfectionism” in the future I am sure!

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]Last week Eve was working on not criticizing her husband as a driver or anything else. This has been a challenge, but she catches herself and sometimes even before it leaves her lips! This is progress for Eve and she is moving forward in other areas of her life.

Eve brought up guilt today and went on to talk about how she was not doing as well as she thought she could. Eve has been a “closet eater” all her life and feels she has been letting herself down. She couldn’t even write down everything she ate. She would say she had a cookie not 4. Eve had no acceptance of her lack of will-power and has a desire to” PERFECT” this part of her life with healthy eating and no longer “dieting”.

How does “PERFECT” look to you? Eating just what I need not all the extra. Being the right size and liking what I see in the mirror. Not feeling bad about my lack of self-control in this area. Not being secretive about my eating. What if you weren’t “PERFECT” at this? I’m not but I would like to change it! Trying to be perfect makes me feel awful.

There had been some friends over to have dinner and once again she had the tiniest sliver of dessert as she was watching her weight while the company was over. After everyone else left and her beloved was out of sight she ate another piece of dessert the size she had really wanted. She felt bad about this but it had been her habit to do this for so long it was normal. Another day she brought her spouse and herself out a piece of chocolate that had been a treat only to go back and eat half the box out of sight of him.  

I asked if she ever considered confiding in her husband that she was a closet eater or just eating what she wanted in front of him. Immediately, Eve said that he would not care what she ate or what her dress size was just as long as she was happy. It really wasn’t about him it was about her.

I asked if she would consider telling him and how she would feel about it. A hesitant “maybe” was her answer- followed by her desire to be more open. He did wonder why she struggled with her weight with the amount of food he saw her eat, feeling her frustration. She realized that she had been closer to her beloved since she has been working with me so she was warming to the idea. Eve said that she was sure it would feel good to not hide her eating and that admitting it would mean no more secrets. This was appealing to Eve. The thought gave her a bit of a knot in her stomach none the less.

Eve mentioned that her awareness of herself has made it much easier to be in control. Better in most ways and said that everything doesn’t have to be so serious. Maybe food can be put there too!

Eve has moved from apprehension about the direction of their life because of her husband’s work choices and is noticing more trust and faith in him. This seems to be moving in all areas of her life and feels good because she knows that past choices have all worked out and so will future ones. In the past apprehensions and waiting has sent her to the closet. She would rather know what is going to happen then be in the waiting game, though. Can she stay in her day with her eating? This is going to be the challenge that would not go away overnight.

Honesty with herself is key to her weight issues and I asked if she was willing to start with being honest with herself by writing down every morsel she is consuming from an extra chocolate or 6 to a handful of chocolate chips.  Eve is determined to follow through this week. I had two suggestions to keep in front of her this week. One a sign on her mirror that says “I AM good enough!” and the second for her fridge that says “Just for Today”. She was on it! We will check back next week to see how she is doing. Are you or have you secretly been a “closet eater?” I would be happy to hear your comments on this issue!

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kiss inc.

Image by e.esders via Flickr

  • Acceptance is the key to harmony. Let it go …you really can’t control your beloved, only your own behaviours. Not to be confused with giving up or giving in. Let go, and let love be the answer.
  • Trust your beloved – they are in this relationship, too. We all get up wanting to do our best, sometimes we just miss our own mark and end up…just doing our best.
  • Talk ‘with’ not ‘at’ your beloved –let yourself be vulnerable. Get to really know each other. We falsely believe we know our partners well only to find out something new we didn’t know by talking and being open ourselves.
  • Know that you’re in it together, not islands but not actually attached either. It is easier, believe me to do something together, because two heads are better than one. Would you have loved them the same if they were EXACTTLY like you? This does not mean that you need finish each other’s sentences either…I personally would like to finish my own. Also, have something in your life that is not connected to your beloved. You tend to appreciate each other more and it gives you something more to bring to the relationship.
  • Know that neither of you are perfect – REALLY! This is self-explanatory, isn’t it.
  • Laugh often -even at your imperfections – together preferably. Look, it can be great fun to laugh at others (providing they don’t get hurt) but to notice ones faults and still be able to laugh at yourself and not get miffed when your beloved joins in, that’s togetherness.
  • Know that you have not always been perfect to each other…read the above for more info – if necessary.
  • Apologize easily whenever you are wrong, and probably often. But remember, continually apologizing for the same mistake gets tiresome for both parties. Isn’t it better to actually deal with the issue?
  • Work on your relationships daily.  The relationship is a gift that can keep on giving, if you keep on giving to it.
  • Show and tell each other daily that you love each other. Tell them you love them and why. Do something special for the heck of it. Do something nice without pointing it out to get credit for it. This can be a toughie.
  • Pray to have lots of days, months and years together like this one. Time is a gift as well. We need to treat today like it may be our last with our beloved and pray that they can be around longer than you.
  • Get up again tomorrow and do it all again, lovingly. Look, nobody is perfect, but as long as we can get up again, there is hope.  Start the day anew. You have it in you to forgive all past sins, if you really want to and start fresh.  Besides, don’t you want all YOUR past sins forgiven? The answer to every question is love.
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    [tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] Last week I was quite adamant on “needing stuff to feed your inner core” and actually re-read today the brush off I gave to the physical body. I believe that my intent was to go deeper as the body is the first place many go but I get it. The body needs feeding as well as the soul! There, I said it!

    Energy can come from anywhere you get it. Whether it is physical fitness or treating your body like a temple by only putting good for you things past your lips, it may be something that you must do for your energy so have at it. Do whatever energizes you! Yes I am doing the things I have decided to do for energy, but as I thought about the list last week something came to me. When my body is not functioning at its best, I lose energy.

    If I am not getting the sleep I need, or I am in pain this is hardly the energetic place I want to be in. Are there things that I can do that can make a difference here? A resounding yes! I go to bed consistently between 10 and 10:30 with the lights out before 11 and my lights are usually out as well.

    But there are nights that I don’t fall asleep quickly because of how I am feeling, physically. I suffer with arthritis and menopause, and other stuff that can either keep me up or wake me up often many times in the night. The bottom line is I don’t not get near enough restful sleep those nights so those next days I have no energy.

    So what can I do when that happens?

    Be good to myself on those days.

    This could mean sleeping in to get extra rest, when that is possible.

    Rescheduling stuff that is reschedu-able. (I doubt that is a word!)

    I can be on top of some medicines for some stuff.

    I can do some new exercises I got that may deal with the source of the pain.

    Maybe I can let some of my standards for things slide a bit for the day.

    These are things I have control over.

    What would keep me from getting to the exercise?

    In the past it would have said procrastination.  (Laziness!) That is what I called it, anyway.

    Today I know it has more to do with how much I value myself.

    I wouldn’t have or take the time as I was so busy with other stuff and often for other people.

    Today I want my “whole health” to be my priority.

    I could ultimately do more of the things I love to do like coaching when I am more rested and energized.

    What is the cost of me not taking care of this?

    Being tired

    Suffering the daily pain

    Not being a very happy camper because of the pain –might affect relationships

    Not being able to do lots of the things I would like to do or try and some of them with my beloved.

    This is a huge cost not to do this.

    The benefits far outweigh the effort involved in exercising. I will start by following the physiotherapists prescribed exercises. They take all of about 7 minutes twice a day. How ridiculous is that? Not spending less than 15 minutes of my life to get enough rest to do all I want? Of course I will walk my pooch, Max right after in the mornings. (At least 5 days.) Now if that isn’t “energizing” I do not know what would be! So #6 is doing the exercises.  They will have a huge affect on my life so there you have it. What is your #6?

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    [tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] We generate FEAR while we sit.

    We can overcome it by “ACTION”.

    Fear is natures warning to get busy

    and “GET GOING”!

    My intuition knows where to “GO”.

    When were you really gripped by fear? I don’t mean the kind of fear that strikes you when someone cuts you off in traffic and you were sure to hit them but diverted just in time. But that kind of fear that left you feeling like pulling the covers over your head forever. I have certainly felt that fear in my life on many occasions.

    What do you do to overcome that fear? There are many choices that could be taken. All of them stem from some form of action. The action may come in the form of praying for faith and direction which is more my chosen first action today. It may come in the form of a decision to just walk away from that which has shaken you to the core. It may be to boldly go where you have never gone before and grab fear by the throat and just shake it!

    By the end of my first marriage I was on a roller coaster ride of fear that lasted months. What if I couldn’t do it on my own? What if he really did hunt me down and kill me or steal my kids from me. These were real threats that added to my fears as he had been an abusive drunk. I justified staying then the fear would hit me again. What if these things happened while I waited for the courage to do something about it? I had been stomped on, pushed and shoved, held down and kept small for long enough! When the fear of staying was greater than the fear of leaving it was a no brainer! “GO!”

    If fear was natures warning to run then I had best RUN! When an animal is in fear that exactly what they do. Have you ever seen those National Geographic documentaries of where some hunted animal doesn’t even see his predator, but just knows he is being hunted and starts to run? He seems to intuitively know to run and which direction to go. I think if you are connected in any way to your intuition, you will know where to go.  

    I was a spiritual being at the time reading shelves full of self help books and books on higher beings other than God. So as much as I did not believe in God, I must have been connected to something. I ran! I packed whatever would fit in two cars, picked up my kids from school and drove an hour away to the city to save myself and my children. We stayed at a friend’s home for two weeks until I could get assistance and a home with low rent all just days before Christmas that year. Life goes on and ours did.

    This event had been one of my biggest fears more than 20 years ago. There was much drama after that eventful day, but today I am living and breathing and so are my children. Today my adult sons have a relationship with their father, even though he still drinks. They are learning to accept him flaws and all. Children are very affected by growing up in an alcoholic environment and it seems to run downhill in families. With good fortune they grow up and learn something different than what they lived.  My grandfather and father died of the disease of alcoholism so there are all kinds of issues that come with this in your family of origin. If any of this sounds familiar to you or anyone you know please check out the resource page.

    You may have some huge fears of your own. They may be public speaking, spiders or even getting a new job or talking to you current boss. It doesn’t matter what the fear is, it feels the same within everyone. Paralyzing! Palms sweat, head hurts, knees wobble, you start to stutter so cannot seem to form words let alone sentences. You justify and rationalize all kinds of excuses so you just do not have to face IT!

    The answer is always ACTION! Do something and trust your instincts. So what if it isn’t perfect! Maybe you won’t do it gracefully even, who cares? The pride you will feel with your very soul for having given it a shot will add two inches to you height for some time. If the fear is more than you can face alone, I can support your motion. Have a great and FEAR-less day!

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    [tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] I don’t know about you, but I could sit in blame for where I am and how I got here. A life based on my childhood, situations, friends, spouses and children along with some baffling belief of lack of choice had to be someone’s fault, didn’t it? I was pointing my finger at some else…anyone else. I must be right, no?

    My back ground is full of many lives. One I had as a child in a poor home with 5 other siblings in a poor neighborhood full of kids and secrets. The life I had before and after children with my ex-husband. Then there was my life as a mom running my own business for almost 20 years. Of course, the life with my current beloved that has been divided several times with and without kids. Each of these times and events have affected me in some way.

    I had little choice as a young child under the care of parents who did the best they could with what they had and knew. We grew up in an era of do what you are told with no back-talk. We quietly complied. I complied even if I didn’t want to or it didn’t feel right. When it was time to stand up for myself in any way it was time to move out. I don’t think it was unique in the 1970’s to move out before one was 18, as so many of my friends did. Not like today when such a high percentage stay home until their late 20’s. Going on to further education, buying cars and saving for trips and homes keeps the younger generation at home creating the sandwich generation who also care for parents as well. It truly was another time.

    Life has taken me on an incredible roller coaster ride! Or restated – What an incredible roller coast ride I have been on! There have been many highs and seemingly more lows along my path. Many of them I felt I had no choice so accepted those eventful lows as I had in my childhood, compliantly. It took me a very long time to realize that I did not have to stay in an unhappy marriage. I could leave and only be responsible for my children and me.  There were many choices in my life that I believed were by default. If I waited long enough some choice would happen without my involvement. That way I did not make a mistake and nobody could blame me, not even me. This was incorrect of course, as even indecision was a decision. I did not understand that at the time.

    It took even longer to understand “No” was a complete sentence and my right as a person! I didn’t have to do anything I did not want to. I really did have choices. I could take the time to decide. I had no idea that where I had gotten to, was a choice by omission. I omitted making any decisions thinking it would not be an issue or I wasn’t important enough – then lived my life as if it didn’t matter. Martyrdom was a huge worn well badge on my sleeve. There were many friends who had great suggestions on how my circumstances could differ “if only” I took their advice. Funny, I had terrific advice for others in my younger years. Just none good enough to follow myself, which could potentially alter my “state of affairs”! New mantra – If they don’t ask – I don’t give it!

    I cannot ignore that I have been shaped by my background and circumstances in my life. Ultimately though, I have learned that I am responsible for who I have become. I do not wish to give credit anywhere it is not due – others. Gratefully, I have had help along the way. God has been there for me, even though I did not know this for almost 40 years of my life. My intuition or God-within has guided me along the way. I am also in a wonderful position to speak to trusted friends with the same GPS as mine.  Who is responsible for you?

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