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Moving Day (film)

Moving Day

Hi friends and followers!

Just wanted to give you the heads up that I will be moving very shortly. Waiting for the heads up from my Marketing guys at Synduit.  My spanking new website is lovely.  When I disappear from here you will find me at tammyrowlandcoaching.com. I will send out tweets etc so it will be easy to find me. Things change when we do so “HERE, HERE!” to change!

Change starts with having a vision of what you want in your life. With a clear vision you can set incremental goals towards that vision and voila! The Law of Attraction kicks in and movement towards that vision is inevitable.

Growing your business is exhilarating, scary, fun and very exciting stuff! Not to be done alone, I can assure you. I have a marketing team , a personal coach and many pals in business to bounce ideas off of. Who are on your team? If you want some support to change your business, take it to a whole other level, I would love to to be on your team. See you at my new website!

Have a changing day!

With Love and Well BEing,


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it is one year from now.
You are writing a letter to someone who really cares about your well being and success, and sharing with them all the GREAT things that have happened this past year. Your business has taken off, you are out of debt and making more money than ever, the kids are thriving, your marriage is stronger than ever, and your health is at an all time high. These are just a few of the things you share that have happened throughout the year.

Take time to reflect on how you would like your life to transpire over this next year, thinking about all the key areas of your life. Then write a letter to someone – not to send, but keep for yourself – telling them about it as if it has already become.

The future is now and now is the time to set the intention for your dream future. How do YOU want it to look? How will you feel in this future? What has changed? Not just on the outside, but on your inside in this future?

You deserve all that you can dream up for your future so dream BIG! This is your template. Everything IS Possible!

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What are you postponing right now?

Worrying about “it” is not an effective way of dealing with “it”. All you have done is keep the negative energy around it alive. Facing it and clearing it from your life instantly adds energy to you. Makes you lighter somehow. Even if the “it” was painful or difficult, you are now able to let it go and move on to something else. Life was meant to live, not to be postponed to a later date. What are you postponing right now?

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Time…how is it treating you?

Does time get away from you? Is there enough time in your day…your Life? Do you do the things you really want to do? Is your time filled with other peoples priorities? Is there just too much to do in the 24 hours of your day? Is it all you can do to not pull the blankets over your head because your day is already overwhelming and you have not even put your feet on the floor yet?

I used to feel overwhelmed every day. I said “yes” before thinking about what I was saying “no” to. This left me with resentment, exhaustion and completely overwhelmed. In the end no time left for me or what was important to me. What energy could I possibly have left to enjoy what was important to me? NONE!

Have you taken some time recently to do absolutely nothing? Spending it wistfully waiting for the calm in your mind? Listening to your breath? Slowly coming to the present moment…the moment when it is only the stillness of your body and mind in sync with that particular moment of time. Sitting comfortable or maybe laying on the floor or on a blanket on the ground under a tree. Breathe in through your nose, to the count of 4 – hold for a count of 4, blow out through your mouth to the count of 4. Again…and again…

Is it not working yet? Keep going – until you feel the little hair on your top lip move from the in breath and the air over your lips on the out. Until you feel the inhale deep in the lower parts of your lungs as it expands on every breath in and drops on the exhale. This may not be easy but it is simple – awareness – thoughtfulness. When you finally get the hang of it you can enjoy the peace of that moment and notice what enters your mind. Acknowledge it and set it free coming back to counting every time.

When you feel fully relaxed you may open your eyes and notice what is around you. Your ability to focus sharpens through this process so things you see will seem brighter and clearer. Ideas will be quite vivid and formed. You can feel clearly connected to your intuition within this space.

I was quite amazed how I felt at first! The true calmness of my mind was unexpected. My body was relaxed but I had not experience such quiet in my head…not gerbils running amok on the wheels in my head. I needed more of this feeling, but it took many times and some years before my mind emptied so regularly I had to check in to be sure that it was still working! It worked overtime for decades!

This practice allowed me to figure out what was important to me. How was I going to simplify so that I could live in a way that was in line with what I wanted…not what the rest of the world seemed to want from me. I needed the peace in my head to give me space to hear what the Universe, my Higher Power or God had in store for me. My ideas were not working so well so I needed to learn how to turn ME off. Decisions come easier, as well. This practice was a great start to that process. It gave me…time. I gratefully took it.

I believe that anyone can learn how to do this. I am sure that some of you are masters at this, I am still a novice to be sure. I am not a silent retreat person, although I have heard of people who go on these retreats for up to ten days! I am not ready for that but I can sit and read for an entire day under the umbrella on the back deck only occasionally talking to my dog, Max. Looking up to watch the bird at the feeder two feet away or a bee collecting pollen from the flowers just beyond my knees can give me an incredible moment of delight. I can enjoy watching the sheets flap in the wind on the clothes line knowing that they will be fresh and crisp on our bed tonight. The full enjoyment of many such moments are meditation to me as all else leaves my mind in peace…these are the moments that remind me to live in the moment.

“This too shall pass” was not a statement made for only the uncomfortable or difficult moments. It is also for those moments of pure joy that will pass onto the regular moments of life. When we get really good at living, there can be an incredible peace that hits us when we can relish the wonderfulness in the  moments we are living – as they are lived. Now that is perfection! I don’t expect to get to perfection, but life can feel perfect one moment at a time – maybe a couple of times in my day. For now that feels pretty perfect to me!

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After my New Year’s blog on change, I am following up by launching a NEW Group Coaching event here in Montreal starting February 21, 2011. I am only offering this to 8 women as it is such an intimate yet powerful group. You will not want to miss this opportunity so register quickly!

Please go to  Upcoming Events to see all the information as well as testimonials from a few attendees from a previous group. Consistently they mentioned words like safe and fun to describe the environment felt in the group sessions. Self-awareness and growth are personal goals gained from each of my clients as they moved forward along their personal path.

Women have come together for generations doing such things as knitting circles or quilting bees, pot-luck meals or movie nights. The largest benefit has always been that feeling of connection and togetherness that holds us together in difficult times. In today’s world where the pace of society and technology has kept us more isolated than ever, this is a REAL chance to reconnect! Bring a friend; share this with someone you know who could really benefit from so “me time”. Someone who may be on “PAUSE” “STUCK” or just “BORED”.

Mid-life can be that moment of transition that allows for something different. It doesn’t mean down-hill or over the hill for that matter. It can truly be an exciting time for you!  Maybe the first half of your life was all about your spouse, parents or family. I am sure you are happy you did but NOW it’s YOUR time! Time to uncover something to be passionate about! Maybe you stuck your dreams on hold for your family and now they have flown the coop so you can finally pursue your dreams!

A renewed energy that can be spent in any direction YOU choose! A new business, political pursuits, social injustice, or something that makes you FEEL alive! Maybe you have a known or unknown talent that has been waiting for you to develop it now that you have the time! The group creates a space to find out “what” or sort out the “how”.

I enjoy being part of the group experience and share in each persons joy from the “AHA moments” that come about, knowing that they will respond differently in their lives  from that moment on. It is truly an opportunity for anyone who is interested in change with support of others in a similar place in their lives. Now is the time for you, and you deserve to take it! I look forward to hearing from you and supporting your forward motion.

For more information on group or one-on-one coaching, don’t hesitate to contact me through the email on the contact page.

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]We generate FEAR while we sit.

We overcome it by “ACTION”.

Fear is natures warning to get busy and “RUN”!

My intuition knows where to “GO”.

Are you connected to yours?

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

I have read that intuition is the immediate understanding of truths or facts without the benefit of reasoning. This suggests to me that it could be a helpful tool. It’s subtleties could also be developed and drawn upon by anyone for more information. Do you trust your nudges? Are you receptive and open to them? I am!

Do you give intuition, your 6th sense the credit or do you blow it off as a lucky guess or just plain good luck? I used to think it was luck at one time, but I also know that some in my family have had a strong connection to their intuition, the “just knowing” stuff. I have been receptive to my intuition off and on throughout my life.

Have you ever made a call or sent a card only to find out it couldn’t have come at a better time? How about sensing something was off with a friend without them saying or maybe even showing something was wrong? How about ever taken a different route somewhere, not knowing why? I think everyone has at some point had at least one of these things happen in their lives, and some have had countless events and some I have not mentioned.

What do you call this sense, a gut feeling, inner voice, God within? How do you FEEL it, maybe a tingling in your fingers, a stomach fluttering, a heaviness or mood change? Does it feel like you “just know”?  You may have a connection to your wisdom within. There are those who feel there is one path and that we cannot change it- only follow it. They too maybe right, I don’t think there is a wrong here, only differences of opinion or  perception.

There have been countless times someone has asked me questions that for some reason I have known the answer to. There was no way for me to know much of this information through study or even interest in the subject. For awhile I thought I was just making it up as I went along but it was always so believable and came so easily. I have never been known as a story-teller, liar or truth stretcher. I did not want to sound like a know-it-all so I started to say I must be making this stuff up as I had no reference for the information I had. This too did not feel right to me. I started to fact check stuff that I thought and found it to be true. Hmm…

The cool thing is that I have again become quite comfortable with “just knowing”. On regular occasions now I ask a coaching client a seemingly unrelated question to what they were just saying. They are usually surprised by the question yet find it a great one, bang on in fact and it takes them to something either pertinent or a deeper level of understanding than where they were before the intuitive question. 

Being tuned in is about trusting the intuitive “hit” as it is sometimes called, without being attached to what it means. Have you ever thought that your intuition was wrong or completely off target? Could it be that your interpretation of it was off? As you are putting words – a description to what we believe it means to a feeling, is it possible your translator was busted? Your nudge or hunch may have been bang on but you misunderstood its meaning? Does it mean you should close yourself off to it and not trust it?

If you can remove your attachment to your interpretation and stay open, your intuition will be there waiting for you to learn how to decipher it as you move forward. Become an open channel to your intuition or become open to others who can give you the gift of what they see or feel. Ask a friend “what is your gut telling you about my situation?” about something you would have normally asked advice on. See how it feels and explore where it takes you.

 Are you skeptical?  When someone asks you for advice, sit with the question a moment and see what rises to the surface. Maybe an image or another question, or even just a word comes to mind as you sit quietly. Let them know that you may not understand what the meaning of what you have to offer is, but see where it takes them.  There may be some intuitive connection that you could not have possible known. It may be exactly what they need to move forward.  That is what I do as a coach.

This does not make you a mind reader, just intuitive. If you exercise this place in your brain, it will develop like a muscle worked. You can also decide to add it to that part of you that collects data like the weatherman. There are all kinds of tools out there to help him including the window to see what’s happening. Some even say it feels like rain in their bones, so open up to the logic, history and memory that give you answers and add to it your intuition as a place you can collect information from. You just might find out more than you ever knew possible!

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