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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] I remember when I turned 40 some years ago, I felt I had arrived. Not perfectly with failing eyesight, a couple of important health issues and a few extra pounds, but arrived well enough, none the less. A sort of coming of age feeling or sense of having deserved the number from how much living and effort went into it. There were tears and laughter to mark the more memorable moments. I am grateful for a memory that forgets or only remembers the generalities of past hurt and resentment but keeps the details of poignant and delicious moments.

There are those moments of clarity, life is changing moments. Moments that great emotion was part of.  The purely joyful moment as both of my sons were born. The incredible sadness in the moment I loaded up my kids, with as many of our belongings that would fit in two cars as I left my sons dad. The moment I said “I do”, when I married my current beloved and meant forever, and still do. The moment of pure silliness, when my girlfriend and I dragged a railway tie up the road for my garden or we painted the long willowy twigs we found and put twinkle lights on for my front step at Christmas. It seemed like a good idea at the time, as they all did.

I have had many memorable and life changing moments in my life, and hope to have many more. Life will continue to challenge me and give me many things to be grateful for. Today I choose to remember the important things and ditch the rest. It is good to take a moment and remember some of the good moments and be grateful for having them and being able to remember how they felt. Have a meaningful Saturday!

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