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Duct-tape Moving Van

Duct-tape Moving Van (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weekend is near and more boxes to be packed. There is much inconvenience to putting things out of reach. I have already gone in search of things packed away so I am resistant to do much more too early so this does not become a new ritual.

Convenience is something we all want in everything we do. We want everything at our fingertips. The ideal kitchen would have a million cupboards with nothing two deep. You would not have to move one thing to access another.

Our sock and underwear drawers would be one deep and our closets would all be huge. This may or may not be realistic for us, but can we create a simple enough system for ourselves that will be good enough? Why not, I ask myself.

With moving to a new home, there is a great opportunity to reorganize and as I have already decluttered through the packing process, there is less to organize. I will buy bins and put labels on them and have a friend come and help with the kitchen and yet another with the office. They each have special talents that I will be grateful for.

Maybe this little story has revved up the organizer in you to sort out a cupboard, or pretend you are moving a purge some “useful to someone else” stiff.

Life can be complicated, but my space doesn’t have to be so I am going with the “Keep is Simple, Sweetie” motto and pack a few more boxes this weekend and label them well in case I need dig for some “important item” I cannot wait until June to see again.

Have a simply wonderful day!

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