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What feeds your soul?

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Yeah, for me! Last week I kicked off “10 daily “energizing” habits and I for one did it! Well I did the first one, which was the plan, after all. I was a bit lazy on the weekend as I did some writing in advance, sort of. In reality I wrote every day as I was working on a new piece or editing one for the next day so it seems that is the nature of this beast. All is good and I am feeling pretty good about my start.

How did you do? Yeah, for you, too! You can send me a note and let me know, I am very interested in your successes as well as potential stumbles. I know myself, if there was no commitment, i.e. to my readers, whoever you are, I probably would have let other things I previously deemed more important, take precedent.

Here we are at week 2 and it was quite the decision what to add next. There were so many to choose from. Actually I am lying, I am really working hard at creating a list of “energizing” habits, that won’t be the “flossing the teeth” kind. I have some sorted but there is room for more so please, give us a hand and tell me yours. That being said, something that always has fed me is reading!

I love reading, yet often I will put it to the bottom of the list and not quite get around to it. I enjoy more than one style of book.I vary between sappy romances (not as much these days), the slightly deeper one offs – often first books from authors and the great stuff that feeds my soul and spirit. There are many of this kind of book on my shelf so I would like to get back to “The Purpose Driven Life”. I started it some months ago when I wanted information on purpose but only got to page 25, not even to the end of chapter 4! (It was even in the bathroom! Actually that may be why I stopped mid chapter.) The author Rick Warren suggests reading one chapter a day with something to ponder and a question at the end of each chapter. There are 40 chapters so this is a great book to start as it will last 37 days or more than 5 weeks! If I like the book I will recommend it on my resource page. If not I will trade it off to something else as long as it continues to “energize” me.

 I truly applaud you along your journey with habits that give you energy. If you are stumbling along, gracefully strolling or skipping  down the road while adding some amazing habits to your life, please send me a note of encouragement or let me encourage you. We can do this together, I know we can!

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] Last week I wrote from a thought after reading …to always try just “one more time” and immediately- it was all wrong for me. I missed out on the most important points so I will do this “one more time” for me- and for you.

I really have ditched the word “try” from my vocabulary. My antenna goes up when I hear someone say “I will try to be there…” Or “I will try not to do that again.” It is a word that is already saying ‘NO’ without actually saying it. A set up. An excuse, like “well I said I would only try.” When I have used try with an invite- I actually forget all about the actual event the moment I say try. If I really wanted to go I would check my calendar or say yes right away. ‘Try’ means it’s not that important to me, reminding me of the Principle “we all act in our own best interests” and this wasn’t in mine.

Do you “try” to get to work on time? Do you try to pick up the kids from school on time? Do you try to eat healthy? HOWHow about trying to get enough exercise! What are you really saying when you do not commit to the action?
Some of us were over committed as kids – you know the sports teams, school, social activities, etc. Maybe we had too much chaos at home so a sense of over-responsibility to everything. I did the babysitting of 4 younger siblings with my brother as well as we cooked, cleaned and felt like slaves with lots of responsibility and no pay. I think this may have caused us to be wary of committing to things that may even be great for us but are just one more thing on our to-do list.

How about not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings by saying “no”. Your actions may be saying their feelings are more important than being true to your own. I have done that, for sure! Hmmm…how did that happen? Lots of reasons on the how and why but do we want to continue this behaviour? Has it ever occurred to you that you do not have to make excuses or justify your “No”? Did you know that it is more than okay to say “No” politely?

“No.” is a complete sentence! By eliminating “try” from your everyday language you change how you feel about yourself. Do it (Don’t even think to just try!) for the next week and see how many times you catch yourself saying ‘try’. See if you can restate the statement that you used it in an affirmative way.” Yes.”, “No.”, “I will considerer it.” or “I don’t know and will get back to you.” then do so. You will feel empowered, really! Let me know how that works for you.

If you are stuck in the “trying” of life, contact me and I will give you a free laser coaching session so that you can kick that “trying” habit!

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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]I have done many things and not done even more. Some of them were things I “tried” then failed. Maybe I was not invested, or even believed that I would fail before I started. But the things that were successful, were all worthwhile because I did them. They didn’t have to be “change the world” things, just maybe “change me” a little things. Like losing weight, or reading something positive daily or even writing a blog. Stuff I did then forgot about doing then gave it another shot “one more time”. So if I am want of something more in life, there are probably a few things on “the list” of things that need a bit more effort or another try- maybe “one more time”. How about you?

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