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[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] Blogging is work but usually easy work. Maybe just more of a responsibility.  I think some days I need to not do any. Yesterday was one of them. If I was doing a blog writing just about stuff that was not about coaching it may be about the rain …like today. I know I am not alone liking a rain day or two. It is calming…relaxing. I can be pensive and thoughtful in the grayness of the rain. With the windows open I can feel the cool fresh breeze that comes in and I breathe deeply. I can be in the moment easily. Like meditation ….just one moment at a time, noticing it. God is with me.

The dog lays on his bed expecting nothing. No long walks as the short one in the rain was good enough. No sitting on the deck watching the squirrels hope to leap off and catch another one…oops. Poor squirrel. The birds aren’t even singing or looking for seeds on the rail of the deck. I can usually sit hear watching them eat while I type at the kitchen counter.

This hasn’t always been my life or character. There are many who have known me for a very long time who think I am still a zany force constantly in motion and those who know me now that don’t believe that is who I ever was. That other person did not appreciate being when there was so much doing – to keep busy. I can love and laugh at myself at who I was and who I am today. Fill the time and space with stuff and action and noise. Not today.

Today is about peacefulness. The kind that happens while reading curled up on the end of the couch with the dog at my feet. My beloved doesn’t really go along with this habit of rest. There is always something to do and with rain the work just moves inside. I think down deep he envies my ability to stop. Not that he wants me to sit around always but that I can. I could be wrong, he could just like doing while I like being. Nothing wrong with knowing who you are, is there?

Life is interesting even doing nothing special as I can be an observer of all that is around me, be there motion in it or not. Are you able to just sit…just be? I find it easier all the time, but not always. But for today – the rain comes down gently and the breeze is light and there is not much motion or sound. It is a great Sunday afternoon.

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